Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reinvention or Growth?

photo D Sharon Pruitt 
If you seem to change your mind often, are you making mistakes, flighty, or simply growing as a person?

I've changed so much, that my blog has had many different titles over the years. Heck, it was even called Evolution of a Librarian at one point. Each time I renamed my blog, I thought, wow, I'm glad I fixed that mistake, this is a way better name/format. But lately I've come to realize that each step along the way wasn't a mistake. I wasn't simply "changing my mind" as a teenager changes her nail polish every other day.

Each reinvention was a step towards finding my voice. It was growth. And growth is good. Finding your voice is good. I'm not sure if the mother of reinvention, Madonna*, is actually growing or simply changing up her image to continue to be relevant in the marketplace, but I know that I am definitely growing.

Remember this the next time you change your mind. Maybe you're not just being flighty - maybe you're growing.

*Fun fact. Madonna & I share the same birthday.