Friday, July 3, 2015

DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE by Carrie Ryan is Your Perfect Summer Read

DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE is a beautiful, fast-paced suspense story perfect for a summer afternoon by the ocean (or pool).

Frances Mace is one of three survivors after a luxury ship, Persephone is attacked. Over 300 other people were brutally murdered aboard the ship before it was set fire. But the other two survivors, a Senator and his son, aren't telling the truth about what happened aboard the ship. They claim it was a rogue wave that "attacked" the ship and caused it to sink.

Frances and her friend Libby are left to survive alone on a rescue raft for seven days before they're found. Unfortunately, Libby dies moments before the yacht reaches them. Libby's father, Cecil, is devastated. When he realizes the attackers will be looking for Frances and could be out to kill her, he convinces her to step into Libby's life. As Frances, she wouldn't have parents or anyone to protect her. As Libby, he could send her out of the country and away from these men who invariably would be hunting her until she's silenced. Frances lost her parents and everything else in her life. Cecil lost his wife and daughter. They could help each other overcome the devastation.

Four years later, Frances is firmly ensconced in Libby's life. She's come back home to seek revenge against the Senator and his son Grey. Why did they lie about the attack? Were they involved? To complicate the issue, Frances and Grey fell in love on the ship. But when she saw him lie to reporters about the attack, that love turned to ice cold hate. However, seeing him again, four years later, those romantic feelings come bubbling up. Will she be able to continue her plan, while being physically drawn to him?

I read this in only a few days. The suspense kept me flipping through the pages quickly. The writing is lovely and lyrical. Identity plays a large part of the appeal for me. If you assume another person's identity, what happens to your old one? Can you really ever leave that person behind? And how would that feel to leave yourself behind. Do the two identities blend to form someone new?

This is a beautiful story. I'm not typically attracted to revenge stories, but with Carrie Ryan's reputation, I told myself I'd give it a few pages. Well, that's all it took to grab me.

I loved it, and you will too!

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Happy Reading!