Friday, March 6, 2015

Need Some Inspiration? Read RITES OF PASSAGE by Joy N. Hensley

If you're looking for a strong female character who doesn't give up, no matter how many times she's threatened, Sam's your girl!

Sam McKenna is the only daughter in an all-military family. Her dad is a Commander of Special Forces, her brother was a Ranger, and her other brother is the cadet colonel at Denmark Military Academy. It should have been no surprise that Sam decides to be the first female recruit at the Academy, after her brother dares her to enroll. But people were surprised - and enraged.

Sam is allowed to enroll in Denmark Military Academy, but she is thwarted at every opportunity by her superior officer, Corporal Matthews. He verbally abuses her and is much harder on her than any of the male recruits. He also gets physically rough with her while others aren't looking.

The only bright spot of Sam's existence at the Academy is her drill sergeant Dean Stamm. He is the only one who appears to be on her side. But even with his help, Sam encounters another tough challenge. There is a secret society that is bound and determined to make her quit. What began as a dare from her brother ends up being the hardest thing Sam has ever done. And she will not quit.

I really enjoyed this! Sam is an incredible inspiration for young girls. She shows tremendous mental and physical strength through the book. It does have a bit of a love story, as well as some interesting family dynamics.

The author attended military school herself, which explains why the book feels so authentic. Check out her website for more behind the scenes information and some of the songs mentioned in the book. After you read the book, or even before, read the part about the song by Billy Joel, Goodnight Saigon. Then listen to the song. It's quite emotional.

Go here to read a sample from the book.

And I'll leave you with a book trailer. Happy Reading!