Sunday, December 28, 2014

3 Chrome Extensions For Productivity

Today's Chrome extension article focuses on productivity. One of my favorite ways to help people with technology is to help them be more efficient. If I see someone taking 10 steps to do something that you can do in 5, I will tell them about it. (Or I will "offer" to help. Bossy is not really my style.) Therefore, it makes sense that my first post in my Chrome extension series promotes efficiency. 

Out of all of the "readers" and "save it for laters" I've tried, Pocket has been the most reliable and easy to use. It works with all of my devices, so when I save something, I can read it at any point later on any device. In addition to working from Chrome, you can send stuff to Pocket from Android beautifully, and now it works in iOS too. The mobile app is not too shabby looking either. 

I think all Type-A-ers will be with me on this last point. I really enjoy clicking the little check mark after I'm done reading an article. So that's why this one makes my "Productivity" list. When I can make a check mark, I feel productive. Don't you?

I just recently heard about TabCloud from Amy over at FriedTechnology. I really love it! If you open the same few windows each time you perform a specific task (blogging, catching up on your social media, perusing ebay & Craigslist for your business selling obscure porcelain dolls from the seventies) then this is just the thing for you. 

You can save a certain set of tabs and name them whatever you want. Then when you open your browser, you just click the little plus sign and all your tabs are open like magic. You can sync this extension across multiple computers too, which is super handy. I save so much time not having to manually open tabs (the horror!), so that's why I'm more productive with TabCloud. 

Lastly, there is just really no excuse not to have a good password manager these days. I LOVE LastPass because it's always been there for me. I could not function at all without it. It can generate secure passwords based on any requirements (number of symbols, number of characters, etc.), and it works on literally ALL devices. You can access your vault on any computer (in my library when I'm at a presenter laptop, for example) and safely log off when you're finished. The features really are endless. 

But my favorite new feature is that I can open and use my passwords with TouchID on iOS. I no longer have to type in my super-secure long vault ID on my tiny mobile screen. Yes, that really is the best feature. When I'm using Android, I can't do that. Sigh. (But there are many other features I like better about Android that I'll discuss in an upcoming iOS vs Android series.) As for why this made my list, well, I think we can ALL agree that not having to keep hundreds of passwords in my head saves space for me to be more productive, but it also saves my sanity (you're welcome world).