Monday, November 17, 2014

Action-Packed Science Fiction Love Story by Claudia Gray in A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU

Imagine there were unlimited versions of you in an unlimited number of dimensions. Imagine that each choice you make spurs off a different course for your life. But somehow there are certain people you always encounter in each dimension. You and this other person find each other no matter what. This is A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU. Although other people would argue it's an action book, with a dash of love.

I adored this book. I'm a sucker for great relationships, and Gray delivers some really meaningful, deep relationships. She actually pulls off a greater feat than that, since these relationships occur in different dimensions, so the characters have to be nuanced across worlds. I can't explain more without divulging too much, but seriously, that is an amazing feat. (Sorta like Orphan Black, but not really...)

Since I haven't given a summary yet, let me do that. Here is your one sentence summary:
When eighteen-year-old Marguerite Caine's father is killed, she must leap into different dimensions and versions of herself to catch her father's killer and avenge his murder.

Not only did I enjoy the characters and relationships, but the premise was intriguing. I think it's interesting that they travel through dimensions, but not time. So when Marguerite travels it's the same exact period of time. Here's what seemed really cool to me - some dimensions were ahead of us technologically, whereas others were behind. One dimension had just invented the telephone. How cool is that to think about. What forces stalled their advances or propelled ours?

Additionally, it was interesting to see the differences between people in different dimensions. Marguerite's mother was a genius in her dimensions, as well as others, of course, but the way it manifested in each dimension was fun to see play out. It makes you think about how different we all might be after making different decisions in the course of our lives.

Overall, this is a lovely combination of science fiction and love, with tons of action. The plot keeps moving all the way to the end. I truly appreciate the author's ability to combine these elements in such a fulfilling way. As much as I am tired of trilogies, I'm so glad that this story will continue, because I want more!

I could not locate a book trailer, so instead, I'm bringing you an exclusive interview with the author from the Novel Novice website. Click below to read. (There are no spoilers!)