Sunday, February 9, 2014

BORN AT MIDNIGHT by CC HUNTER has Supernatural Fun and Romance

So, the annual Montgomery County Book Festival is coming up on Saturday, bringing over 40 authors! It's a free event and includes panel discussions, three keynote speeches, and autograph sessions. I've been meaning to read a series by one of the authors, C.C. Hunter, called BORN AT MIDNIGHT. I'm sure I would've gotten to it eventually. But then a student told me about it in book club last week, and her excitement was so contagious, I picked it up.

Yay! I'm glad I did. Kylie Galen had been feeling like her world was crushing in on her. Her boyfriend dumped her, her grandmother died, and her parents were divorcing. The last straw is when she's inadvertently arrested at a party. Her parents send her to what appears to be "juvenile delinquent" camp to straighten her out.

When she gets there, she's the only one thinking it's a camp for wayward teens. It's actually a camp for supernaturals. She's doesn't think she's a supernatural, though. She doesn't exhibit any signs...well, unless you count the dead soldier following her around. Curiously, the camp counselors don't know what she is either. The camp is filled with vampires, werewolves, fairies, and witches. Through the summer, Kylie's quest is to figure out what she is. But with the two hot guys vying for her attention, the dead solider following her around, and the various creatures tempted by her blood, she's a little distracted.

This book is fun with a dash of romance and mystery! I enjoyed it thoroughly. Kylie is a fun character. Her friends are delightful. The plot won me over so much that I can't wait to bring home the rest of the series from the library tomorrow! Now I'm really excited to hear C.C. Hunter on her supernatural panel at the Festival this weekend!