Friday, October 25, 2013

Kick Back and Enjoy a Rollicking Good Time in WHAT I REMEMBER by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas

Kylie wakes up in Mexico the morning of graduation, miles away from home where she is scheduled to give the valedictorian speech later that day. As Kylie remembers the previous 24 hours, she learns more about life and herself than the last four years at school taught her.

Here's your quickie synopsis: Just before her graduation from La Jolla's exclusive Freiburg Academy, valedictorian and scholarship student Kylie Flores inadvertently ends up in Ensenada, Mexico, with Max, one of the most popular boys in school, where, in twenty-four jam-packed hours, their lives dramatically change.

At first glance, you may think this is a stereotypical "last day of school" type of book. But the authors bring a lot more than that to the table. First of all, The alternating points of view gave the story more depth. There were some characters that I wouldn't have liked at face value. But, seeing their point of view helped me to sympathize with, or at least understand them, and grow to like them. Mostly, though, the characters were all interesting and fully formed, not stock characters. Kylie is an unexpected feisty little firecracker. Max is also deeper than you would expect, with issues of his own, even with being the most popular senior in school.

In addition to the fun, realistic characters, the action kept me laughing all the way through. It reads very much like an action movie, which is funny, since Kylie is an action movie screenwriter. And she makes blatant references to it, while the action is happening. You'd think that wouldn't work, but it actually does. As Kylie and Max get deeper and deeper into their predicament, the more fun I had being immersed in it. I feel like I was trapped in Ensendad, Mexico for a few days!

I had a great time. FROM WHAT I REMEMBER brought back all the fun times from my own high school days. (Okay, so maybe not the kidnapping or the armed criminals, but you know, lots of other stuff...)

You'll get a kick out of it too, trust me!

I'm so sad that I can't post a trailer for you, but I couldn't find one. :( The only one I found was posted by a student for English class, and I sometimes will post those, but this one had the cast from That 70's Show in it and I didn't like it.) Sorry! Check out the authors' website here.