Thursday, July 18, 2013


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I was familiar with PJ Hoover, because she's from a city close to me, Austin, Texas. But I hadn't read any of her books, until now.

Your quickie synopsis:
Eighteen-year-old Piper lives with her controlling mother amid a Global Heating Crisis, but when she gets her first taste of freedom she discovers a universe of gods and monsters where her true identity, kept secret from her birth, could make all the difference in the world.

So, as you can see, SOLSTICE begins as a dystopian book along the lines of ASHFALL and LIFE AS WE KNEW IT where the major problem is weather and/or planet disruption. A Global Heating Crisis has set in and causes temperatures to hover over 100.

Piper's mother has been super controlling all of her life. She hardly lets her out of her sight, except for school. So when her mom goes out of town for several days and leaves Piper alone on her own, Piper is intrigued, but excited. She ends up spending time with two different guys she just met, which is totally unlike her. But she's attracted to both of them for different reasons. One of them introduces her to a whole new world, the Underworld. He's a god. A Greek god. Piper realizes what her mom's been hiding from her.

What I enjoyed:
At first, I was a little confused by the mythology, because I thought I was reading a dystopian (I didn't read the book jacket - I like surprises). But as I kept reading, the story became richer and more intriguing. The characters were cleverly chosen and the setting was fascinating. Watching the way the gods inserted themselves into the human world to get what they want in their world was fun. I really enjoyed spending time in this world. I was sad to see it end. I'm hoping for a sequel!

Highly recommended for fans of Greek mythology!

Now for the special announcement! I had the pleasure of interviewing the author, P.J. Hoover! I'm posting it tomorrow as part of a Summer Author Blitz blog tour. There is also a scavenger hunt with giveaways. So come back tomorrow for more!