Thursday, June 6, 2013

Michelle Gagnon. DON'T TURN AROUND

Noa wakes up on an operating table in a dark, mysterious place that is most definitely not a hospital. She narrowly escapes and ends up on the run. After getting her hands on a computer, she begins to get small shreds of clues to what happened to her.

She is able to hook up with Peter, the head of an underground hacktivist group called the ALLIANCE who is also on the run. After digging around in his father's files, Peter angered the wrong people.

Noa and Peter seem to have the same dangerous men trying to hunt them down and kill them. Together the try to piece together the huge mystery behind Noa's mysterious operation and Peter's dad's affiliation with these men out to kill them.

I loved this! It had non-stop action, an exciting plot, and wonderful characters. I really enjoyed all of the computer stuff. Obviously, they made it seem so easy to hack into large corporations. I'm sure it's more difficult in real life. But it was super fun reading about it, nonetheless. Gagnon is a wonderful writer. This will leave you on the edge of your seat. Seriously, you'll be begging for the sequel. I have no idea when it's coming. But I know this will be a trilogy.

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Also, enjoy the short, but creepy trailer: