Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why I Use Google Keep AND Evernote

I really love Google Keep!

Even though the URL is mysteriously similar to Google Drive ( - you can't access it from your Drive account. You just bookmark the URL. But I use it mostly on my phone. You can download the Android app here.

Below are some screen shots of the app:
You can choose a blank note or a checklist, and you can create a note with your voice or with picture.

With the voice note - it will dictate what you said as text in the note AND you'll have the little file to replay if you want. It's like one of those little voice recorders.

You can also color code your notes. I LOVE the way the notes are displayed in the little Google "card" format that is becoming ubiquitous throughout Google and Android. Plus, it enlarges the font to fill the space (see on the green note) - I didn't do that - it happens automatically. Pretty, right!?

I like that I can access my notes online too. It doesn't look as pretty, but it certainly works. The colors are merely a strip along the top. But all your other stuff shows up just fine.

Now...people are saying that Keep can't compete with Evernote. Of course it doesn't. But in my opinion, it's not designed to. I use Google Keep for:
  • A quick grocery list that I can whip out at the store
  • A picture of something I want to remember for later (and then delete almost immediately afterwards)
  • A short checklist that I can add items to quickly & easily and access anytime
  • I want to write something down (I haven't used an actual paper notepad in years - that's so last century!) ;)
  • To keep an on-going list of songs I want to download (I use the "what's this song" widget to keep a note)
Whereas I use Evernote for more complicated notes and folders like:
  • Bookmarking while online to collect ideas for a lesson
  • Notetaking in meetings or at conferences & workshops
  • While at the bookstore to snap pics of books I might want to purchase for library to keep in a folder
  • Pics of dinners my hubby cooks to annotate in my "yummy dinners" folder
  • Collections of websites, along with notes, to share at collaboration meetings
In other words, I use them both. They both have extremely useful functions. I need a complicated notetaking app AND a simple notetaking app. My over-riding requirement for ANY notetaker is that I can access it on my phone, my tablet, and online on my laptop. This is why the lovely notetaking app that comes on the ipad doesn't work for me. You can only access it on that ipad and nowhere else.

That's my 2 cents about Google Keep!