Sunday, March 17, 2013


"I shouldn't exist, but I do."

With a tag line like that, how could I resist picking this one up?

Addie and Eva live in a world were two souls are born into one body. Typically, by the age of ten or so, one of the souls becomes dominant, while the other fades away. It's called "settling." If a person doesn't "settle" then both souls remain and you're called a hybrid. It's evil and dangerous to be a hybrid in this society, for some unspecified reasons.

Addie and Eva are one of these hybrids. But they hide it from everyone, including their parents. Addie is known as the dominant soul. Eva remains a secret to everyone except, of course, Addie. Addie meets two other hybrids and is unable to keep the secret any longer. After some suspicious behavior  doctors from the government come and take all three of them away to a hospital to "cure" them.

I liked the book. It became suspenseful throughout the second half. This is an intriguing idea and brings up a lot of ethical questions, especially when you find out what is going on in the hospital. If you like dystopians, you'll enjoy this.

It's called THE HYBRID CHRONICLES, so expect a few more. I'm guessing it will be a trilogy, like all YA books nowadays. ;) Check out the awesome trailer!