Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Katie Williams. ABSENT

Paige died in physics class. The whole class was on the roof conducting an experiment that involved dropping eggs. Paige slipped, hit her head, and fell off the roof. But she's still hanging around the school, along with two other dead students, Brooke and Evan.

Paige and her classmates follow students around attend classes, and generally just spend their time wandering around school. It's interesting for Paige, at first, but then she begins to hear gossip about herself. Kelsey Pope, popular cheerleader, is saying that she committed suicide by jumping off the building.
Paige didn't jump! Paige is furious that people will remember her this way. Then she figures out a way to slip into living people and take over them inhabit. Maybe she can right this wrong and save her memory, after all.

On the surface, the book seems like just an every day ghost story. But with the interesting characters and beautiful writing, it's really much more. I enjoyed it and look forward to more from Katie Williams.

Check out her website where you can read the first chapter!

ABSENT is due out in May.