Monday, February 18, 2013


“I learned that life is so, so fragile. I learned that you can know someone for just days and never forget the impression he left on you. I learned that art can be beautiful and sad at the same time. I learned that if someone loves you, he'll wait for you to love him back. I learned that how much you want something doesn't determine whether you get it or not, that "no" might not be enough, that life isn't fair, that my parents can't save me, that maybe no one can.”
SHADES OF EARTH is the final installment in the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE trilogy. (A MILLION SUNS was part two.)

Elder, Amy, and 1500 others from Godspeed have landed on the planet Centauri-Earth. All the puzzles that Orion left them to solve have led them to the surface of the planet. But now that they've landed, the frozen military officers have been awakened, and the leadership changes. Amy's dad, the colonel, takes over. He doesn't care that Elder is the leader of the 1500 shipborn people.

Although her dad inserts himself as the leader, he does understand that he needs Elder to convince his people to work together with the earthborns to build the colony and survive. They will have to become one colony. But none of that will matter if they can't stay safe. Shortly after landing, danger strikes from all directions. People begin to disappear and their new homes are attacked. Elder and Amy thought they solved all of Orion's puzzles, but there is one more clue they must find. It's the final and most important clue because it will unravel the whole mystery and possibly save the entire planet.

This was my favorite of all three books! It's a roller coaster of action and emotion. There is mystery, along with the science fiction. There is intelligence, along with the romance. It's a truly compelling story that I did not want to put down.

I love the writing. Beth Revis is an incredible writer, and I can't wait to read more from her. I love the character growth of Elder and Amy. Amy really grows into one feisty, strong character. I'll definitely remember her long after reading the book, as well as Elder.

The quote at the top really sums up how much is in the novel. What an amazing journey! I'm so sad it's over. Although I have to say, it was the BEST ending of a trilogy that I can remember reading!!

I wish I could share a book trailer, but alas, there isn't one. You shall have the Facebook fanpage instead:

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