Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jennifer Archer. THROUGH HER EYES

Tansy Piper is moving to another new town with her mother, a horror novelist - "the female version of Stephen King, minus the megabucks and movie deals." Tansy's mom must live in the setting of her novel, so they've moved a lot over the years. The tiny town of Cedar Canyon is quite an adjustment from San Francisco. But, their new house is old and has enough character to intrigue Tansy. Especially after hearing the rumors that it's haunted by a young teen who died there decades earlier.

Soon after moving in, Tansy breaks out her old 35mm camera to begin shooting her new surroundings. Things get weirder and weirder from there. She begins seeing people in her viewfinder who aren't really there. Scenes are shown in black and white, rather than color. Then when she finds a box of treasures hidden in her cellar, she's able to connect with the ghost she's heard the rumors about. She's drawn into his world little by little until she's almost fully immersed.

Will she be able to pull herself out before it's too late?

This was a fun ghost story set in a quaint little town full of interesting characters. I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Check out the trailer below for a touch of atmosphere from the book: