Sunday, November 18, 2012


Theseus Cassio Lowood is a killer. A ghost killer. It's the family business. His father also went after ghosts, before he was killed on the job when Cas was seven. He and his mother travel from town to town taking care of business.

The ghost known as Anna Dressed in Blood draws Cas to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Usually on a job, he's able to keep to himself, do his detective work locating the ghost, and then take it out with no trouble. But Thunder Bay brings several new issues for him. A guy named Thomas follows him around asserting himself into the the hunt. The prom queen-type, Carmel, is also overly interested in Cas. But the most important issue is Anna herself, who is a much more powerful ghost than Cas has ever come up against.

When Cas gets to know Anna, things get even more complicated. He becomes sympathetic towards her plight. But he's supposed to kill her. Uh-oh.

I loved this book! It's a ghost story with some witty hard-boiled mystery novel sprinkled in. I was taken in immediately by witty Cas. And the supporting characters are just as wonderful. Thomas isn't merely the goofy friend type. He's becomes a fun, smart and strong friend. The relationship between Cas and Anna is unique, but it works well and I rooted for the two of them.

Kendare Blake is a new author and we're thrilled to be hosting her at our Montgomery County Book Festival in February.

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