Friday, September 14, 2012

Harlan Coben. SECONDS AWAY

SECONDS AWAY is the sequel to SHELTER, Harlan Coben's new YA series. I loved Shelter, so I was eager to dig into this one. I read it only a few days, which is saying a lot. My schedule right now is very tight, so to be able to knock this one out so quickly shows just how awesome it is!

The story picks up right where it left off. Literally. Mickey is standing in the Bat Lady’s house listening to her story about a photograph of a Nazi torturer who looks strikingly similar to the paramedic who rescued him a few years ago. In other words, the man who took away his father. But that would make this man about 85 years old. Surely, he’s not the same man.

Not only do we have the continuing mystery surrounding the death of Mickey’s father, but we have a new juicy mystery for this installment. Mickey is on the telephone with Rachel moments before shots are fired in her home. Who could be after her? Is she keeping secrets from him? He begins to question whether she has a hidden agenda for befriending him.

This mystery series had seemed so innocent and simple when I first picked up SHELTER, but it sneaks up on you, grabs you and won't let go until you finish! I had a few more late nights with the sequel, and I’m looking forward to even more when the next book comes out!

Click here for the series website.
Check out the trailer below! SECONDS AWAY comes out on September 18th.