Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPad Productivity Tip #2: Password Keeper

For years now, I've only had to remember one password. Yep. And no, I'm not saying that I only have one password for everything. (Please, please don't have only one password for everything.) I use a password keeper. I began using Roboform, which was great. But after some research, I found LastPass and I love its functionality more than Roboform.

LastPass is a password keeper where you only need to know your one master password. Once you log in to LastPass, it will enter passwords for you each time you go to websites where you need to log in. It's very secure and it encrypts your data. You don't have to worry about your passwords being saved by some random guy who will use them to get your millions.

What I love about LastPass is that it works on computers, phones and tablets. Most phones will keep you logged into apps, so that's not always an issue. However, if you're using your browser to go to a website on your phone and need to log in - LastPass is awesome. In my experience, tablet apps will sometimes keep you logged in and other times will ask you to log in again from time to time. Again, Last Pass to the rescue.

The first thing you'll do to set up LastPass is to create your account. Then install the browser extension or the bookmarklet. Last Pass has all the details on doing this for the various browsers out there. (I always recommend Chrome, then Firefox. IE if you absolutely have to, but I prefer not to use IE.) Now, begin logging into your various websites. LP will ask you if you want it to remember your password. Say yes, every time. After a while, it will know them all and no longer harass you about it. I promise.

Here are the three major ways you will benefit from using Last Pass:

  • When you're using your browser, you can log in to any website by simply logging into LastPass once.
  • When you're logging into a mobile app (phone or tablet), you can open the LastPass mobile app (using the ONE and only password you need to remember, which is your LP password). The app lets you easily copy & paste passwords from there to enter in your mobile apps. Trust me, it's easier than it sounds.
  • Most importantly, you will get real familiar with the "generate password" tool in LP. This way you can create secure and different passwords for all of your accounts. This is really important.

I could spend a lot more paragraphs on the little details and settings available to you, such as security measures when using a public computer, etc. But you can learn all of that from the LastPass website. Or of course, feel free to comment or email me with specific questions. I've been using this a long time & have worked out the kinks for a huge variety of scenarios.

After you set up Last Pass and have most of your passwords in there, you've graduated to the advanced level of security. So click on the link below this photo and read how to further secure you're passwords and online identity.