Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Veronica Roth. INSURGENT

The sequel to DIVERGENT does not disappoint. It's action packed, emotional and a wild ride!

We pick up right where DIVERGENT left off at the end of the simulation where Erudite used Abnegation to go on killing sprees. Abnegation is left in ruins. People are choosing sides. Others are declaring that the whole faction system is unsustainable. Most people are going against Erudite in one way or another. But when Tris begins learning about deep secrets at the highest level, she must decide how much she wants to risk to discover the truth - and who she may have to betray to get there.

Choices seem to be around every corner for Tris and each one one has devastating consequences. She also struggles with the anachronism between her own behavior, which she considers unforgivable, and being a good person. She doesn't feel she deserves the love Tobias is willing to give her. Will she be able to move past killing Will? Does she deserve forgiveness even when people are willing to give it to her?

Many people I know were anxiously awaiting this sequel, and I'm happy to say that it definitely lives up to our expectations! The author has further developed the world and the characters. You will be much more invested in the series after reading this installment. The ending will excite you and frustrate you because you'll want the next book already. I LOVE this series!!

Check out the super cool trailer:

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