Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cat Patrick. REVIVED

I was drawn to this book because I adored Cat Patrick's first book FORGOTTEN so much. (I even interviewed her about the premise.) If you enjoyed FORGOTTEN, you will love this one too!

Daisy is part of a unique program. When she was four-years-old, she was in a school bus accident. The bus skidded off the road into the water and all the kids were proclaimed dead. But in reality, about twenty of the kids were rescued and given a drug called Revive, which brought them back to life.

Since she was an orphan before the accident, Daisy lives with two agents from the secret government program. They monitor her and are seen as her parents to the outside world. Also, if Daisy gets into an accident, they are there to "revive" her. She's died five times already. Death begins to take on a different meaning for Daisy than for other people.

Each time she dies, the "family" must relocate, for obvious reasons. She takes on a different last name each time, but she's able to retain her first name, which gives her some consistency in her life. Daisy doesn't get to attached to people in each new location, because she knows she may not stay long. But this latest move to Omaha, Nebraska is different. Daisy becomes really close with two new people in her life. She also begins to uncover a mystery about the Revive program. She learns some dangerous facts about the organization that she's trusted with her life since she was four. 

The novel is an intriguing and unique mix of realistic fiction, science fiction and romance. It has some wonderful, endearing main characters. I couldn't put it down. I really loved it!

The brilliant execution of such a completely original idea is what I loved about FORGOTTEN and here it is again. Also, as with FORGOTTEN, REVIVED brings up fascinating ideas and questions. Just think about the moral dilemmas inherit in being able to revive people. In the book, the serum costs a million dollars. You see all of the issues attached to that? Why would it be right to revive some people and not others? You see the boatload of questions a reading group could have with this novel??

What a talented writer! I'm a huge fan and cannot wait for another book!

For more about Cat Patrick, check out her website, Twitter and Facebook account. You won't be disappointed with either of her books!