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Terra Elan McVoy. BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS **Giveaway!! ***

I'm thrilled to be a part of the blog tour arranged by Literary Logistics for Terra Elan McVoy's new release BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS. (keep reading for your chance at a free copy of the book!!) I adored PURE, one of McVoy's previous books, so I was eager to dive into this one. 

Charlotte spends most of her time with boys. She manages and writes songs for a band made up entirely of boys. She has a best friend who's a boy and she studies with another boy. She has never had feelings for any of them until a new boy joins the band. She is suddenly aware that he isn't like the other guys. She isn't sure how to handle the electricity between them.

On top of those new feelings, her best guy friend suddenly begins acting strange and then proceeds to disappear from her life. It's hurtful because they were so close. All this time Charlotte loved how easy it was being friends with boys, particularly considering how some girl friends act.  But lately, the boys are confusing her more and more. What's a girl to do? Being friends with boys may not be so easy anymore.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fun book! I remembered some of the qualities I love about McVoy's writing. Her characters are so relatable. Plus, she has a way of perfectly indicating a characters feelings not only with laser sharp dialogue, but also with facial expressions. She has a way of making a scene multi-layered in a way that I really admire.

Also, I want to point out something that I'm not sure other people notice. Most of the main characters names matched their personalities perfectly. I'm not sure I can explain this other than to say that I like the character development right down to the accurate naming of each person. I realize that names can have different connotations for different people. But for me - every single one of these names fit right. I don't necessarily always notice that. But I did here. In addition to the naming, each character feels rich and wonderful.

I enjoyed spending time with Charlotte and all of her boys. The relationship issues between Charlotte, the different boys, and the girls rang true. I related to many of the challenges that came up. I also fell into the same pitfalls as a teen. It was nice to see Charlotte become confident enough to stop worrying about what the popular girls thought of her and to thrive at being herself. I cheered for her as she found and developed the musician within her, and you will too!

Enjoy this wonderful summer read. You will be inspired. You may even wish you could be friends with a few of these characters yourself. I know I do!

And now for a few words from the author Terra Elan McVoy about being friends with boys. She is sharing the top 10 reasons why being friends with boys is different from being friends with girls. I get the pleasure of sharing reason #9 with you right here: 

Differences Between Being Friends With Boys, and Being Friends with Girls 
Terra Elan McVoy Blog Tour 2012

Ever since my novel, Being Friends With Boys was released, I’ve been asked a lot about friendships between guys and girls. Is it possible, for one thing (duh, yes), and how is being friends with boys different than being friends with girls. I happen to be very lucky to have had friendships with both guys and girls all through middle- and high school, and continue to have fantastic friendships with men (and women) to this day. Though I think the value and intensity of guy/girl friendships and girl/girl friendships are definitely equal, there certainly are some differences. Follow my blog tour to read a few of my thoughts on how being friends with boys isn’t quite the same as being friends with girls!

9. It’s easy to confuse liking someone as a friend for liking them another way. For me, this is the biggest problem with being friends with boys. The things we look for in friendship are so, so similar to what we want in a romantic relationship: he makes you laugh, she’s a good listener, you enjoy doing things together, he inspires and challenges you, she remembers things about you, etc. Pretty much the only difference between good friends and good romances is the whole physical fireworks part. So sometimes, especially at the beginning of a friendship, it’s easy to confuse the “Holy cow I really dig this person,” for “Holy cow I want to make out with this person.” Hopefully, if you are truly good friends, there’s room for this confusion in your relationship, and if one or the other of you goes through the mix-up (or even if you both do for awhile), you can work together and get beyond it.

So dear readers, do you agree with Terra? Have you had trouble distinguishing between liking someone and LIKING someone? Can girls and guys really be friends? Of course, this is a centuries old debate. But many women and men make it work quite well. I think it's much harder as a teen, though, having encountered some of these "confusions" myself as a teen. What do you think?

**And now for the chance at a FREE copy of BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS to enjoy for yourself! * * * * Just simply share with us in the comments your opinion of #9 (confusing liking for LIKING). Tell us whatever you'd like. Perhaps you have a funny story about this type of confusion. Or maybe you absolutely KNOW that Girls and Guys CANNOT be friends and that those crazies who claim to be friends are merely lying to themselves. Or maybe you think that OF COURSE they can be friends and why are the rest of us even wasting time asking??

Comment by midnight July 1st. I will then randomly select one of you to receive the prize of a hardback copy of BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS!!  Go forth and comment!

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