Thursday, May 3, 2012

Robison Wells. FEEDBACK

It's the sequel to VARIANT, yay! I snagged an advance copy at the Texas Library Association conference, and I got it autographed. So that was super cool!

If you read Variant, you know that it ended with quite a shocking cliff-hanger. If you did not read Variant, please avert your eyes now! Otherwise, you will be spoiled. You've been warned.

If you remember when we left Benson, he had just escaped with Becky from Maxfield Academy. Shortly thereafter, he came across a little town outside the gate where he saw Jane. You know, the Jane who had been previously discovered to be a robot when they killed her inside of the school.

In FEEDBACK, we learn why Jane is in the town. We also see many more people from the school in the town. There is a much bigger, scarier scenario going on then Benson could've imagined. But the Benson we all know and love comes up with a plan.

This sequel is just as exciting as the first book. The plot thickens. Benson is put to the test over and over again. His dogged determination seems to make him stronger and stronger with each challenge. I enjoyed seeing his relationship with Becky blossom. Again, the action gets exciting near the end and we're left with another cliff-hanger! The last half of the book had me flipping pages at lightning speed. I can't wait to see what more people thing of the ending!

FEEDBACK is due out in October. Mark your calendars. And if you haven't read VARIANT yet, get on it!

Check out Robison Wells at his website.