Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marie Lu. LEGEND

Here is another one for those of you who love dystopians. It's action packed and has two strong, well written main characters.

The United States is broken up into an area called the Republic of America. It's not clear which states are included, although some that are mentioned specifically are California, Colorado, Arizona and West Texas. The Republic is fighting against Colonies such as East Texas and a few other areas not specifically mentioned. The Republic claims that the colonies are trying to take their land. It's unclear whether this is the case, because the republic doesn't feel trustworthy.

Day failed his trial, which is a test all 10-year-olds take to determine if you go to college or to the labor camps. He escaped the labor camp and pretended to be dead. Now he scavenges in the poor sectors to stay alive. He also commits crimes in order to help people. He's become sort of a hero for the poor.

June grew up in the polar opposite situation. She scored a perfect 1500 on her trial test. Now she's just been recruited from the best military school in the republic to work for one of the top commanders.

When June is ordered to hunt Day, she relishes the chance, since he killed someone she loved. She goes underground to track him down in the poor sector. But the poor sector ends up revealing more to her than she is prepared to deal with. She begins to uncover information about the Republic and begins to question everything she's been taught. Will enemies Day and June end up on the same side of the war?

For some reason, out of all the dystopians I've read, this one seems much more likely to be the future we could actually have, if we aren't careful. The way history is re-written in LEGEND and the way crucial information is hidden is eerily too much like some things I see going on today. Currently, we have free access to information. But when I hear about the government wanting to regulate the Internet and wanting to shut down radio shows, that's when I worry. This book shows exactly what happens when information isn't free. It's not pretty.

Anyway, the book is action packed. The stunts of bravery are thrilling. The other chilling elements of this dystopian world include plagues, horrifying poverty, lack of electricity and lack medical care (unless you can bribe someone).

I loved the two main characters. They are beautifully written. Lu does a brilliant job of showing how both Day and June are dealing with difficult situations. They are strong, honorable people. It's exciting how June is equally as strong and smart as Day. They make an invincible team.  I hope we have sequels. I'm not ready to leave this universe for good. (Odds are in our favor, since the book's website is called "Legendtheseries")

Check out the trailer below, the book's website here and the author's website here