Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Colby and Bev, life-long best friends, are bucking the college trend after graduation. Instead, they plan to travel across Europe and experience all the places they've dreamed about for years. But first, they have a short tour with their band, The Disenchantments. Colby is the only guy, and isn't officially in the band. Bev is the lead singer, Alexa is the drummer and Meg is the bassist. Colby is the roadie/best friend/driver.

They load up in Colby's uncle's VW Bus and head up the coast from San Francisco towards Portland on a road trip tour. They stop along the way for several gigs. At the end of the tour, Colby and Bev will leave for Europe, Meg will go to college, and Alexa will finish her last year in high school. The trip is their last hurrah before splitting up. But as they begin the trip, Colby gets news from Bev that shatters his plans. He no longer has any idea what's in his future. He doesn't even know if he can continue on the road trip, much less continue on to Europe.

I enjoyed this adventure for several reasons. First of all, each of the characters are amazingly talented and intriguing in their own way. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Next, I love the way the author takes an ordinary scene and and makes it come so alive with fabulous characters and witty dialogue. Lastly, the author brilliantly evokes two dichotomous moods throughout the book. You feel how the four friends are loving every minute of being together. You feel their depth of friendship and history together. Yet, you also feel their melancholy about having to part at the end of the trip. They feel the pressure of growing up and making big "life" decisions.

Overall, it's a rocking coming of age adventure with meaningful friendships and delightful characters!

It appears that Nina Lacour is a fairly new published author. I'm definitely looking forward to more from her. Her website is here. Check out the cool book trailer below: