Sunday, January 22, 2012


A MILLION SUNS is the sequel to ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. If you haven't read it, then you may want to steer clear of this review, because there will be rampant spoilers. *look away, look away - quick*

We join Elder and Amy right where book one left off. Eldest has been killed, Orion was frozen and Elder has just been told that Godspeed will never land. The engines are no longer working, so it will never get close enough to Centauri-Earth to land. Elder takes over as Eldest, although he wants to continue going by the name "Elder."

Elder and the shippers discuss the engines and the other mechanical problems on the ship. They begin working on solutions. The next major thing Elder does as leader is take everyone off Phydus. This causes major issues, because people can choose to work or not work. They begin making all kinds of decisions. Violence, hunger, murder all begin occurring on the ship for the first time since the plague. Elder is truly tested as a leader. There are even rumblings of revolution.

Amy begins getting clues to a puzzle that seems to lead to another big secret. She and Elder begin uncovering another mystery that may be bigger than they can handle. It seems they will have to make a choice that may mean life or death for the entire population.

I loved the sequel as much as the original. It kept me coming back for the suspense and the mood created by the author. She created such a depressing sense of foreboding that I felt exactly how Amy felt about begin trapped on the ship. Her desperation was palpable.

The suspense of the mystery kept me reading. Big issues are uncovered and it makes you think about how you would handle the choices they're given.

I also enjoyed the growth of Elder's character and the relationship between Elder and Amy.

I highly recommend this series! Unfortunately, we have to wait an entire year for the next book. It's called SHADES OF EARTH. In the meantime, enjoy the website dedicated to the series. It's pretty nifty.