Monday, January 2, 2012


New paperback cover (better, IMHO)
Amy and her parents are cryogenically frozen and placed aboard the ship Godspeed that will take 300 years to land on a planet they plan to colonize. Her mom is a genetic scientist and her father is a military strategist, so they are crucial to the mission. Her father gives her the option of staying behind on Earth, but Amy can't imagine being separated from her parents.

Unfortunately, Amy is accidentally awakened on the ship about 50 years before the planned landing. They cannot refreeze her, and she knows her parents cannot be awakened early to be with her. So, she's all alone on a strange ship with a few thousand strangers.

Amy discovers that this new society is strange and completely different from Earth. The leader is tyrannical, but claims to have everyone's best interest at heart. Her one possible friend, Elder, on the enormous ship happens to be the next in line to lead. She isn't sure she can trust him, since he's being trained to lead in the same manner. But when another "frozen" is killed and several others threatened, Amy and Elder become closer as they begin uncovering mysteries and lies together.

Original Hardcover
It's difficult to do a summary of a book with so much going on! I feel like I'm still digesting it and sorting it all out in my brain. So, it's hard to write the review. Maybe that's because I read it mostly one day.'s suspenseful (kept me up very late) and it's a great science fiction story. It has a lot of emotion with a ton of ethical issues. I think the book jacket says it best - "It's a cross between TITANIC and BRAVE NEW WORLD." Yep, that about sums it up perfectly!

I'm so glad I waited to read it, because the sequel comes out in 10 days! YAY!

Find out more about Beth Revis here at her gorgeous website.

The trailer is a GREAT teaser. Check it out: