Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project Gutenberg

We live in amazing times. A person could be stuck waiting at the doctor's office or the DMV and realize that they didn't bring anything to read (the horror!). That sticky old People magazine on the waiting room table isn't appealing at all. Well, it only takes a few clicks and that person could be reading Shakespeare, Ayn Rand or Dracula. For free! 


Have you heard about the free eBooks on Project Gutenberg?  Well, guess what? They also have a mobile site. Scan the QR code to check it out. 

What I really love about Project Gutenberg is the wide variety of file formats. They include files for PC, Android, Kindle, ePub, HTML (which works on mobile devices), and simple text format. 

Obviously, we won't be able to get brand newly published books this way. They are able to provide about 36,000 books that have expired copyrights. Plus they link to many other sources that include about 100,000 more free eBooks. You'd be surprised at how many you'll find that you'd like to read. 

I really love the layout of the mobile site. It's really nice and easy to navigate. 

Have fun searching for free eBooks!