Thursday, November 3, 2011

What to do with those ole' Kindle books lying around...

So, you've had your Kindle a while and you have all those great books organized into collections on your device. You can just leave them there and peruse them once in a while. Or you can lend them...well, only to other people who have Kindles. Maybe you don't have that many friends who have Kindles. What if there was a way to connect you - Kindle Owner, with lots of other Kindle Owners? What if you could have a sort of "swap meet" with them.

Good news! There is. It's called Lendle. (Thanks to Carolyn Foote for the tip) After opening an account (it's free, of course), you give the names of the titles you own. There's a easy way to see which of your books are lendable.

If you go to your Kindle Library on Amazon, hover your mouse over the "actions" bubble. If it gives you an option to "loan this title," then that's a book you want to add to your Lendle account. The more books you add, the more you're able to borrow from others. 

The terms are simple and fair. You're able to loan a book only once. And you can only borrow if you have books available to lend. They don't want the community poached by people who only borrow and never contribute. It makes sense and I really like it so far. 

Also, there is a way to earn credits if you loan a lot of books. If you earn enough,  you can get credit with Amazon, where I supposed you'd buy more books! That's not really why I signed up. I like the idea of yet one more place where I can borrow books. So...between my own school library, my public library, eBooks on Overdrive, Lendle, and Amazon, I should be able to meet all my needs!

I hope you find it helpful!

Wow! Just as I was about to post this, I see that Amazon is also getting into the lending game with Amazon Prime members getting to borrow. Pretty amazing stuff!