Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Nook Adventure: Part 1

I just picked up a set of 10 Nooks to circulate in my school library. I've read a lot about how other librarians are managing this new, ever-changing endeavor of circulating eBooks & eReaders. So, I've had time to brainstorm and plan.

I think I've figured out how to manage them...

I plan to catalog the Nook eBook and then make the call number designate that the book is on a Nook. My original plan was to catalog the Nook as equipment and add in the record which book or books were on the Nook. But after thinking about how we are using the Nooks, I realized a few things:

~I'm not circulating them as equipment, because that sort of implies that the Nook is a piece of equipment for them to "do things" with, like add & remove books. I compare it to the old days when we circulated VCRs for people to play different media.
~I'm circulating a book, albeit in a new-fangled format. However, it's still a book.

I realize that librarians have different situations that work for them, and some have less (or no) flexibility with their cataloging, especially those in a district. Fortunately, I have the flexibility to catalog the Nooks in the way that I want to work for our students. I think focusing on the book will work for my students.

I will also place "Nook eReader" somewhere in the record, so that if a student wants to search for just for the Nooks, he or she can do that, as well.

In addition, I'm following the suggestion of Buffy Hamilton and keeping a hard copy list of which Nooks have which eBooks on them at any given time. Some students may prefer to just come and ask. But I'd like to make it known to those students who may be perusing the catalog, as well.

As for behind the scenes, I have have a file folder for each Nook (also an idea from Buffy), where I'm listing which book(s) is on each Nook.

This is the blueprint so far, but I still have questions. And I'm sure I'll make changes and adjustments as we go along. But I'm thrilled to finally get started with the eReaders.

I'll update as we go this year. Let the journey begin!