Monday, October 10, 2011

Curation and Storytelling

I've been following the curation trend recently. At the same time, I've been pondering the importance of storytelling in every aspect of our culture. So when I came across Storify, which is sort of a combination of the two, I was thrilled at the possibilities! What a cool way to take an event or trend and make your own story. Watch the video below:

                                         Storify demo from Burt Herman on Vimeo.

Now look at an example of a story someone created about Al Davis, who just passed away:

I could embed the whole thing here, but it's really long, so click here to see it.

This is a really cool way to tell a story in your own way using multi-media and social networking. But it's also collaborative storytelling, because it's telling a story with input from everyday people who may be at the event, people who may be involved in some way, or maybe just people who have ideas and opinions and your topic/event. 
You'll see on the dashboard that you can choose which networks to pull information from. You can access Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Google, and RSS feeds, etc. When you find something pertinent, you drag & drop it into your stream. You can add your own text, reorder the items and more to tell the story you want to tell.

In the classroom, this is a great way for students to document an event - whether it's a natural disaster, an election primary, or the hub-bub surrounding the long-anticipated movie opening. 
The ideas are limitless!