Friday, September 23, 2011

Library Lending for Your Kindle is finally HERE!

When I heard that Amazon was working with Overdrive to allow us to check out Kindle formatted books, I thought it was too good to be true. We could borrow e-books? Awesome!

Well, the day has finally arrived, my friends! If your public library is using Overdrive, and most of them are, you can now check out books for your Kindle!
I did a little test run to see how easy it is. First of all, when you go to your library website, it will tell you to go to your digital media catalog to search for e-books. My advice to make searching easier is to click on "advanced search" and under "format," select Kindle. This will ensure that when you find something you want, it'll be in Kindle format. Not all books are available at this time in e-book format.  

Once you make a selection and put it in your digital cart, then check out. You will be sent to Amazon to download the book. There are two ways to get the book on your Kindle.

~If you have a Wi-Fi Kindle, then it will be delivered wireless when you sync
~If you have 4G, then it will be downloaded to your computer and you just drag it to your Kindle with your USB

Either way - still easier than using Overdrive. You don't have to download and use Overdrive, which may be a little confusing for some people. (I actually gave up on Overdrive for audio books, because the book kept disappearing every time I wanted to add more music to my ipod.) The process when smoothly through Amazon, which is a familiar process, since you already have a Kindle.

Also, it was really easy to return the book. You go to your "Manage Your Kindle" in your Amazon account. You'll see your library book there in your list, and you just click on "actions" and select "return book." The reason this is important is that you can only check out a certain number of e-books at at time. If you finish them all early, then you're stuck waiting for the checkout period to be over, unless you can return them early.

Another part I really like is that you know right away if a book is available. If a library only has only 3 copies of an e-book, then it can only loan out 3 copies at a time. So, it's nice to know if you'll be able to download the book right away or if you will have to hold it.

Yay for library e-books! Now go check out some books.