Tuesday, September 6, 2011

David Macinnis Gill. SOUL ENCHILADA

I'm not sure if I've ever read a book with a more curious combination of characters and events. Eunice "Bug" Smoot is an eighteen-year-old living on her own and making a modest living delivering pizzas in El Paso, Texas. We join her at a time when her biggest problem is finding a new job after being fired.

But that problem seems minor shortly thereafter when she finds a demon sitting next in the passenger seat of her car. She discovers that her late grandfather, Papa C, made a deal with the devil for that classic Cadillac she now drives. It seems that Papa C was supposed to give his soul to this demon when he died. But Papa C gave him the slip, so now the demon, called Beals, is there to take the Cadillac instead - oh, and her soul too.

Bug is not alone in dealing with this quandary. Her friend Pesto works for demon immigration, so he knows a thing or two that may help her. Pesto's mom is helpful with seances and other non-traditional solutions. Finally, we have the attorney, E. Figg, who represents Bug when dealing with Beals and another more well known demon, Lucifer. Between all of them, surely someone can work something out to save Bug's soul.

This was a barrel of fun. It's a modern, hysterical twist on the "making a deal with the devil" theme. The characters really bring it to life. I dare say that Bug may be the feistiest female I've come across in a long time. The El Paso setting brought a richness to the book. I felt like I was there with Bug and Pesto walking the streets during the Día de los Muertos celebration.

Read more about David Macinnis Gill here. This is is first YA novel. He has another one out now called BLACK HOLE SUN. I've heard great things about it!
To get a feel for the book, enjoy out the trailer for SOUL ENCHILADA: