Friday, July 8, 2011


The best way to describe this is what a HOOT!! (No pun intended with the owl on the cover!) You've probably heard of Louise Rennison and her Georgia Nicholson books, with ANGUS, THONGS AND FULL-FRONTAL SNOGGING being the first one, and a Printz Honor Book!
This new character created by Rennison is hysterical! Although, she's really not trying to be. The story is set in Yorkshire, England where Tallulah Casey is attending summer drama school to avoid camping with her brother. She  is hoping to discover her artistic abilities, meet some new friends and maybe even have a go at romance (or at the very least, experience her first kiss.)

This is a witty, laugh out loud story about Tallulah and a quirky cast of characters that you won't soon forget! The setting is completely new to me. The school is located in the English countryside. I mean - country! There is a funny scene on Tallulah's first day when she tells the local girl, Ruby, that she's going to check out the shops. Well, she returns in about five minutes, because there are no shops. It's literally a one-horse town! But Ruby didn't say anything, she just sent her off on her way.

Another thing new for me was the Yorkshire dialect that the local people used. I could hear the British accent and inflection the entire time, but sometimes the dialect of the locals confused me. But normally, I was fine. I love the airy, breezy inflection in most of the speech. For example, doesn't "I'll pop around after school"  sound so much more fun than "I'll meet you after school." And doesn't "Oh, just give it a go" make anything sound way easier than it probably is? Finally, my favorite has to be, "Do you fancy a ride in my car?"

Overall, the dialogue and story is hysterically funny! I ask you - where else would a character break into Irish Dancing when she's nervous?? Nowhere else but in a Louise Rennison novel.

You will enjoy this, but be warned. Don't be in a quiet place, because you will giggle loudly!