Monday, June 20, 2011

What will Higher Education Look Like in the Future?

Higher Education has major competition today with the organizations like the Kahn Academy and Ted Talks providing so much information for free. Plus, tons of other options that aren't free, but are much cheaper than a college course, such as The Great Courses.  It makes you wonder how college will compete. It's no longer the only route to a first class education. A motivated person could educate themselves pretty well.

So, what will higher education look like in the future? What will it do to warrant the high tuition, especially for those who don't require it for their careers. Perhaps a major trend in higher education will be less lectures and more independent learning, collaboration and idea generation.

Check out this brilliant video I found at Mindshift, which is a continual source of inspiration for me. On one hand, students have instant access to all kinds of information (rather than memorizing stuff). On the other hand, we are debating the quality of that available information, and that is a fantastic! I believe all of this bodes very well for discovery learning and critical thinking skills. Look at all of the ways today's technology can make education creative and exciting! I know many K-12 teachers and librarians who are leading the way using our new tools. I hope that college level educators are also redesigning and using the valuable new tools available to keep young adults excited about learning and creating.