Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime: To Work or Not to Work?

Me on my hammock!
Fellow Librarians and Teachers, how much do you work over the summer? Usually in June, I'm packing, moving and unpacking, so I don't get a lot of work done. However, thankfully, I didn't move this summer. Naturally, I wondered how much school work I would get to accomplish in June without being preoccupied by moving. So far, that would be....none. I'm enjoying the first few weeks of relaxation. (I don't really count reading as work, and I've definitely read several novels so far.) By work I mean: reading library journals/blogs/news and writing about aforementioned journals/blog/news, along with other research.

Usually I do all of this with verve and joy, since I love it. However, I've taken a needed break this last week. And I feel like continuing that break a little longer, and I'm wondering why I feel a little guilty. Alas, I couldn't help but wonder, how much do you fellow librarians and teachers want to work over the summer? Some of you set goals, and you know who you are, but do some of you just go with the flow and relax? How much do you remove yourself from the education/library stream of information online and not feel too guilty? Tell me how much you're "working" this summer?