Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elizabeth Woods. CHOKER

Wow, wow, wow!! I couldn't put this one down. It is so suspenseful that I nearly had to physically force myself not to skip ahead to see what happens next! This is the first book by Elizabeth Woods and I cannot wait to see what she writes next. Now for the summary:

Cara is not having the greatest time in high school. She seems pretty normal by all accounts, but she's bullied by the popular girls. The first glimpse we get into their cruel behavior is when Cara nearly chokes to death on a carrot at lunch. Ethan, the cute guy that Cara has been watching lately, appears behind her in time to do the Heimlich on her to rescue her. This type of event (almost dying) would seem to garner sympathy from most kids. However, the mean girls use this to taunt her for days afterwords by making choking noises and calling her Choker.

Cara begins reminiscing back to fifth grade before she moved away from her best friend Zoe. They did everything together and had so much fun. If only Zoe could be here now to help her through her trouble in school. Later that day Cara is shocked to find Zoe in her bedroom when she gets home. Zoe has run away from home and wants to hide out in Cara's room for a few days. Cara is thrilled and agrees to hide her best friend. After reconnecting with Zoe for a few days, things begin to look up for Cara. She summons more courage to be herself at school and finds her confidence again. She's being invited to parties and flirting with cute boy, Ethan. But just as everything is looking bright for Cara, her enemies start having trouble. Her neighbor, mean girl #2, drowns in her pool. Then another girl goes missing. Surely the arrival of Zoe has nothing to do with all of this, right?

This is suspenseful,  gripping and creepy! You WILL NOT be able to put it down! Elizabeth Woods has written a brilliant first novel. I looked for her website to find out more about her, but she doesn't seem to have one, yet. I will certainly be looking forward to whatever she writes next!