Monday, May 16, 2011


Francesca Manning, secret tabloid addict, is thrilled about winning a contest to go hang out with celebrities in Africa for a charity event. However, things go awry when the plane crashes on a deserted island. At first, she's not exactly depressed that she's with some super famous, not to mention gorgeous people. But as she gets to know them, she discovers that some of them are pretty clueless and self-absorbed. In fact, she may never read another tabloid again after this!

What a hilarious mix of tabloid fodder and reality TV! The six celebrities end up being mostly useless. After all, one of them was the pilot of the plane that crashed! Then end up fighting and pouring out their insecurities and issues. Francesca ends up texting it all to her best friend, even though she doesn't have a signal. It comforts her to feel like she's talking to someone normal.

Tanen is hilarious! She doesn't hold back in her acerbic ribs! For example, one character uses this barb against a celeb who obviously wasn't very studious, "You gotta love Hollywood... Where else does a preschool education pay the bills." Ouch.

She's wonderful at creating just the right phrase! When trying to get Chaz, the TMZ reporter stranded with the celebs, to help with a manly task, he says, "But I'm not strong. I know it's deceptive, but trust me, there is no muscle under all this fat. There's just layer upon layer of fluffy nougat. Imagine a human 3 Musketeers bar if you will."

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This is side-splitting funny! Even though these are merely fictional celebrities, you feel as if you're getting to see what it would be like stranded with real celebrities. This would make a hysterical movie!

CONTEST!!! If you'd like to win a copy of the book, read more!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what ONE book would you take with you. No, you can't take your Kindle with a bunch of books on it. Select ONE book you would bring. Okay, let's make it more fun. Select one celebrity you would take with you, in addition to that one book. 

Post your two choices (book & celeb) in the comments by Friday, May 20th, and I'll randomly select the winner! The winner will get a free copy of the book! YAY!