Saturday, May 21, 2011


What an appropriately epic finale!

The Elysian Council has given Vlad only a few weeks to live. Plus, the Slayer Society has their own sweet little deal where he has to choose to die or kill everyone he loves. But on top of that, Vlad thinks he may be going crazy. He swears he saw his father in the woods during a fight with a slayer. The finale gets off to a great start. Then there is fast paced action, all the way to the end. Let me just say that the title is totally appropriate and the finale does not disappoint!

I've loved this series from day one. Big, huge fan. So, I'm sad that it's over. I've really enjoyed Vlad, Nelly, Otis, Henry, Snow and Joss.

I had hopes that maybe there'd be a Stokerton University series or something, but after checking Auntie Heather's website, it does look to be over. Although it looks like she's cooking up something mighty nice to moderate our mourning.

From her website:
Coming September 20, 2011
Are you a fan of Joss? Curious about the Slayer Society and their secretive ways? Want to know what transpired during the summers between Vlad's school years? Get ready for a spin-off series of epic proportions, all about Joss and featuring some of your favorite vampires from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. (Don't forget your stake!)

So, hey, at least the Vlad universe lives on! Yay!

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