Saturday, May 14, 2011

Autograph my Kindle?

Since I'll be seeing some of my favorite authors at ALA this summer, I began to look at which books I would have them autograph. Then I panicked and remembered that many of the books I read were on my Kindle. Would I have to purchase additional, hardback copies?

Then I looked at my Kindle and pondered a way for them to sign it...maybe the inside cover? No, that's suede and wouldn't work. The inside back cover...that's leather. Hmmm, why not the back of my Kindle?

I took it out to take a peek. You know, that's an awful lot of shiny, smoothness just waiting to be Sharpied!

Yes, that's my solution. I will have the authors sign the back of my Kindle!

Wow! I thought, "I'm a Genius!!" Uhh, no. Actually, believe it or not, I'm not the first one to come up with this idea. After talking to a few friends, I realized that people have been doing this for a while. Anyway, I still think it's a cool idea. (example of what it looks like - crossing my fingers that each author won't use that much space!)

Questions for you, my readers:
How many autographs do you think I can get on there? And would you use the back of your Kindle/Nook/SonyReader for this? Surely a little Sharpie won't hurt it, right?

Other Options:
If you don't want to "deface" your E-Reader like I plan to do, here are a few other options for you:
ShoutOgraph - Seems like a lot of steps for the author & involves Twitter
Some authors are having E-Book signings!
Another option that involves taking a picture and using bluetooth (sounds complicated).

I'm sure the market will come up with many options for signing soon enough, due to the popularity of E-Books. Until then, I will have a variety of Sharpie colors on hand for authors to fill up the back of my Kindle! (pictures to follow in early July!)