Saturday, May 7, 2011


You know Ally Carter from the I'D TELL YOU I LOVE YOU, BUT THEN I'D HAVE TO KILL YOU series. Her new series feels like a cross between The Thomas Crown Affair and Ocean's Eleven, but with teens. And it's fantastic!

Katarina Bishop has left the family business. Or at least she thought she did. After three months at a boarding school trying to live a "normal" life, her old friend, Hale, rescues her. Well, technically, he gets her kicked out, but he considers it rescuing. Then through a series of false accusations, Kat gets pulled back into the family business, which is white collar crime. However, she's really just stealing some paintings back to save her father's life. She's not planning to get back into the life.

Ally Carter is masterful at action packed, funny capers. This is not only fun, but smart. I really enjoyed the quirky family members, as well as the two cute boys Kat gets to hang around.

The next book is due out in June.