Saturday, April 30, 2011

Suzanne Collins. MOCKINGJAY

I'm so sad it's over. Suzanne Collins is a brilliant writer. It's a large task on its own to create such a detailed fictional world, but to also create such a suspenseful, intelligent, action packed plot as well is genius. It's unforgettable, for sure.

Katniss and Peeta have survived through another game. But the ending was even more rebellious than the first and Katniss has a big surprise for her at the end. She's been rescued by the rebels to be their leader. Will she be the Mockinjay for real, as their symbol for the revolution? Does she really have much choice?

To make things more complicated, Peeta was rescued too, but by the other side. The Capitol has him. Katniss feels it's her fault because of how they were separated in the arena. She knows he's being tortured and it's all because of her. More blood on her hands.

She agrees to help the rebels, but with hope that she can save Peeta and the other remaining victors. Whether or not she can save herself is questionable. But she isn't sure she even cares anymore.

A perfect ending to an intriguing, horrifying, incredible trilogy! You must read it! I warn you that you'll want to have all three on hand. Once you begin, you won't want to stop until the end.

Of course, the trailer: