Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"Hope is not something that fate bestows, like Willy Wonka and the golden ticket, I think then. Hope is a decision."

Let me begin by saying, WOW Deb Caletti is a talented writer. Several times while reading, I lingered over sentences and re-read them several times to enjoy them. (Like the one above)

Here is another line I adore:

"I make a little vow then, to myself. To not let the backs and forths of forgiveness interrupt the steadiness of love."

ok, one more:

"What I am is happy. And maybe that’s the closest definition for the word we can get, a life equation: An absence of wanting equals happiness."

Okay, on to the summary. Indigo Skye is downright joyful about her life. She is a senior in high, who isn't so sure about college, but is OK with her waitressing job. She enjoys the regular customers who come in almost every day. Indigo calls them "irregulars" because they are each unique and quirky in their own ways. But she loves working there. She loves her family, her boyfriend.

One day a smartly dressed guy riding a Vespa shows up for coffee. He doesn't talk much. But after he continues to join them regularly, Indigo tries to get to know him. She even tells him he needs to quit smoking. He's shocked that she cares enough to tell him that. Every day he works with people who merely kiss up to him, never telling him the truth. So, when Indigo is honest with him, he's surprised. After a few weeks of this, he leaves her a surprising tip - 2.5 million dollars.

Indigo is shocked. Her family and friends are shocked. Her father gives her some important advice. He tells her to not let the money change her. It takes her a while to fully understand the meaning of that. And that is what the story is all about. We've all wondered what we'd do if we won the lottery, right? Well, imagine being only a young adult just beginning your life and coming into this amount of money. It's a great book!

As I mentioned, the writing is spectacular. I liked the characters. I enjoyed spending time with Indigo and her quirky friends and family. It was a wonderful experience.

Now, I'm off to add more of Deb Caletti's books to my "to read" pile!
Check out her website to learn more about her.