Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can we TiVo our Conversations?

You know that old saying that Humans can get used to anything? Well, usually it's referring to bad times when people have to keep trudging through difficult situations like abuse or poverty. Well, turns out that we can get used to fancy gadgets too.

I came across this article in PC WORLD called  HOW NEW TECHNOLOGY IS REWIRING OUR BRAINS. I thought it would be more scientific, including some new brain research or something. (Because I'm curious about that). It turns out to be a hilarious article about how we've gotten so spoiled with our new devices that we expect to see them everywhere.  For example, have you ever been reading a book and wanted to enlarge the font size, but were crushed to realize that you aren't reading your Kindle? Or ever been at a friend's house watching TV and want to forward past the commercials only to realize that she doesn't have DVR? Here's one of the funniest parts:

Wouldn't you love to rewind REALITY!?
I'm definitely spoiled! I also want to rewind my radio (when will Satellite radio get DVR?), and I won't even watch live TV anymore, unless I have my computer to keep me busy during the commercials.

Speaking of TV, another snippet:

Now see, that wouldn't be a problem for me. I'd just grab my laptop & do an IMDB search. It's sometimes hard for me to simply watch TV without doing continual research during the show...What else was she in? Can someone really survive after being locked in a freezer for that long? What was the name of that song during the credits of that show? And so on, and so on.
There are several other funny sections in the article. Don't you wish you could "Undo" something you did or said with a simple keystroke? Or how about when you go touch a computer screen & realize that it's not your phone?
I think one of my biggest issues is patience. My computer at home is lightning fast, because I pay for the fastest service and have the latest processor. But when I go to other locations, I have trouble sitting and waiting for the computer to move like I want it to. Also, since I'm used to have fast data access on my phone with 3G, when I'm in an area that has poor reception, it reverts to the Edge network. Wow, that's so slow now! It feels like I have a regular phone during those times.
Does anyone else feel techno-spoiled? Do you sometimes feel like you need to go "off the grid" for a few hours to gain a little perspective?