Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mock Facebook Pages

What a great project idea! I came across this on slideshare:

This would make a great project for practically any subject! Students could create mock Facebook pages for historical or fictional characters. Here are my thoughts.

English class - students create a page for a character in a book. Students would create a few days worth of status posting, they would create photos and other images that their character would post, they would fill in the info page including their schooling, history, family information and even what pages their character would like (TV shows, music, etc.)
Students would have to demonstrate their full knowledge of their character to do this well, wouldn't they?

Other subjects:
History - a historical figure. Think how interesting these people would be - Cleopatra, Teddy Roosevelt, Mozart or Winston Churchill.
Foreign Languages - have students do this on a person, but all in Spanish or French.

How about it you have a student complete a page on themselves, but where they hope to be in 10 years.

The possibilities are endless! What a fun project!