Monday, January 17, 2011

Web 2.0 Tools for Elementary Schools

After working in secondary for several years, I was intrigued to see what great Web 2.0 tools would work for elementary. I've discovered over the last year that the younger kids can really do anything! They are so open to discovery. You only need to open the door and they're off!

But finding tools that will help you teach meaningful content are tricky to find. So, here's something I ran across that may help you too. It's a literacy model for using free Web 2.0 tools in elementary. It spotlights a few tools for each grade level. It's a model you can use completely or you can pick & choose. What I like about is how it shows teachers who may be nervous or overwhelmed at the sheer number of new tools out there how to integrate one tool at a time.

Some of the tools discussed are VoiceThread, Mapskip, Bookemon, Wordle, GlogsterEDU and more. It also includes differentiation and scaffolding templates, when you sign up for a free account. We have so many district tools available at my school that I haven't begun with too many of these free tools. Now's a good time to start. With only 30 minutes classes each week, I'll have to get creative. I'll let you know how it goes. Keep reading - this website has even more goodies!

The Literacy Model intrigued me, but then I explored  more on this website. It has a listing by each grade of other online sites for video, audio and more.
Plus there are puzzles, games, units and more in a practical user-friendly format. I mentioned elementary before - but there are middle & high school resources. The literacy model focused on elementary, but the remainder of the site has enough for all grades.

It's really worth checking out!
Let me know if you've used it or what you think when you check it out!