Sunday, January 30, 2011

Resource share: Photos & Wikis

Photos: I'm always looking for great resources for high quality images for slideshows and presentations. Rebecca over at LITERARY SPRING DESIGNS posted quite a nice list for us - 50 of them! Check it out:

Wikis: 17 ways to use a Wiki in the classroom (courtesy of @web20classroom*). This is a great collection of ideas for using Wikis. I really like these because a Wiki is an easy way for a teacher to integrate something new quickly. A Wiki is so much easier to set up a website. Plus, it's collaborative and can be tailored to almost anything you want in your classroom.  Click on the picture to go to the slideshow and view the 17 ways. You'll notice the slideshow is created in GoogleDocs - another great way to collaborate!  

*You should really follow @Web20classroom (Steven W. Anderson), if you're on Twitter. Really - he could be the only person you follow and you would be blown away at the amount of great resources you'll be exposed to!