Saturday, January 15, 2011


"Life is a mess and a miracle. So pick up a broom and dance."

What delightful debut by author Jennifer Trafton! I really love this one!

In a small town in the southern part of the Island at the Center of Everything lives a girl named Persimmony Smudge. She longs for adventure, something more exciting than her basket making, boring existence. After accidentally breaking an important family item, she runs off to go get another one before her mother gets home. Later that night, she loses her way in the woods and ends up hiding from the poison-tongued jumping tortoises in the hollow of a tree. While crouched down in the tree, she overhears a conversation that changes her life. Her adventure begins. She must travel to the top of Mount Majestic and warn the king about the plot against him.

She meets some fascinating characters along the way, discovers an even bigger secret, and learns more about her missing father.

What an exciting tale filled with so many wonderful characters! Worvil the worrier is a sweet little guy, who only needs a little push to become the hero he is inside. The Rumblebumps are light-hearted people who help everyone stay positive. Theodore the potter is a wise helper to Persimmony and her family. The bumbling king is hysterical and mixes up so many words. (one of my favorite king quotes "No one can feel discumbersomebubblated except a king.")

"Most people may think you’re short, but I know that inside of that shrinking body there’s a giant waiting to burst out." Persimmony encouraging Worvil.

There is so much adventure, wonder and sweetness in this book. It would be a fantastic read-aloud for the whole family. I'm still amazed that it's a debut novel. It's witty and brilliantly written! I wish I could do it justice in my review, but I can't. You just must read it yourself! You will love it!

The cover and illustrations sprinkled throughout the book are by the amazing Brett Helquist (CHASING VERMEER, SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, etc.). His illustrations are a perfect match for MOUNT MAJESTIC!

For more about the book and the author, visit here website here.