Saturday, January 1, 2011

Diigo - has so many new and fabulous features

If you're like me and need to move your Delicious bookmarks somewhere...consider Diigo. I was aware of Diigo, but with all the different bookmarking sites out there, I didn't give it a second look - until now. I've been using it for about a week, and this latest version has so many great features, I'm compelled to shout from the rooftops! The first thing that appealed to me was how Diigo could import my bookmarks from Delicious. That was the first wonderful surprise.

In case you're brand new to Diigo, let me explain. It's a bookmark keeper. You can share your page with others, so they can see your bookmarks. Here's how it looks when you view someone else's page:
When you view your own page, it looks pretty similar, except you'll see all of your items, even items you've marked as private.

Here are the other features that have made me a loyal, daily user.

1. Highlighting Feature: When you bookmark a website, you can highlight cool features on the page that you'd like to show up on your Diigo page. This is particularly helpful for long websites with a lot a great info. Perhaps you just really want to point to or remember a specific section.

2. Adaptable: You can adapt how to install and use Diigo. For one, if you don't want a toolbar, you can use an extension or a bookmarklet (called a Diigolet).  Different browsers allow for different ways to use Diigo, so these choices help a lot. Also, some computers (read district owned) don't allow for extensions, but may allow for a toolbar or a bookmarklet. So that's super helpful.

3. Privacy: I used to use Google Bookmarks for my personal bookmarks and Delicious for my public bookmarks. I didn't necessarily always want to share everything I bookmarked. And yes, I do still use the bookmarks in my browser for everyday sites I visit. But really, you can't put all your bookmarks there. So, that's what I used Google bookmarks for - more storage. Well, when I found out that you can bookmark "private" items and public items, wow, that allowed me to have only one place to save all my items. Streamlining is so peaceful for me.

4. Android app (it has an iPhone & iPad app too): From my phone, I can take a note, take a picture, create a speech note or create a bookmark and it syncs nicely. I was glad to see that my images & notes are automatically private, because can imagine how you might not want some of your Diigo images and/or notes out there for public viewing. My favorite item here is the Note feature. If I'm out & about, I can write a little note to read later & it'll go to my Diigo account. (I typically would write all these little notes in my calendar in Google. But then my calendar gets pretty clogged up, so this works way better!)

5. Twitter Favorites: You can direct all of your Twitter favorites to show up in your Diigo page. Yes, how cool is that? I'm always tagging tweets to read later, but I don't always go back in to read them & they just pile up & then I have to delete them months later. So, this makes for a great way to stack all of my "read later" items together, which is a great segue into the next item...

6. Read Later Function: Finally, I have a way to easily group all of the items that I want to read later into one place. Rather than clog up my browser favorites bookmark folder, I can direct all those blog posts, articles and Twitter Favorites to one place! (and they can be private!) This really is the most exciting feature for me.

These are only the features I've used so far. I haven't even begun to explore the Lists feature. Plus, I only have a free account. Perhaps there is more to explore beyond the premium wall?

For me, Diigo combines major features from Evernote and Delicious with a splash of productivity software to be a major help in my day to day computing.

I hope you check it out! If you are already a user, please share some of the other features you like.