Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sharon Draper. OUT OF MY MIND.

This is another one of those books that I'll always remember. I liken it to STUCK IN NEUTRAL in that respect. It's also has a similar premise, so maybe that's why I linked them. However, the premise is the only thing they have in common. The two stories play out way differently.

Melody is incredibly smart. She has a photographic memory, so she remembers everything she learns. However, no one knows this but her. She cannot talk, walk or communicate in any way. She's wheelchair bound and has been since birth. She has cerebral palsy.

Her parents have always believed that she is intelligent. Unfortunately, she hasn't always had the most perceptive teachers. She's had a few that feed her brain and curiosity, but mostly they've been lacking. Typically teachers replay nursery rhymes and reteach the alphabet over and over.

Luckily, a more capable and supportive teacher aide named Catherine is assigned to work with Melody. One afternoon, she discovers a device that could help her speak. Melody is over the moon!

Her parents agree to purchase the machine. After being stuck inside her head her entire life, Melody is finally able to communicate. Catherine and her parents are not surprised at all by how smart Melody is. But the other kids and teachers at school aren't so ready to accept Melody's newfound skills.

Wow. You will be amazed. It will give you a new appreciation for people who on the surface don't seem to be as capable as others. You will fall in love with Melody. You will be moved.

Check out this book trailer I found:

Also, check out the author's website here.