Thursday, December 30, 2010

Now you can LOAN some of your Kindle books...

Amazon is now allowing lending of your Kindle books. You can share a book for 14 days to ONE person. The rights to lend are determined by the rights holder or publisher (not Amazon). To find out how to determine if any of your books are lendable go here. I scrolled through my own books and was surprised to see that many of them were lendable. Of course, the free ones were, since they're in the public domain, I wasn't surprised about that. But many of my newer YA books were also lendable.

The loan period is for 14 days to only 1 person. When you grant permission, Amazon will email the person and let them know the book is available. The coolest part is that you don't have to own a Kindle! Remember that the Kindle app is available for virtually any digital product here. (Yeah, I should really be getting paid by Amazon, but sadly, I'm not!)

While the book is checked out, you cannot read it. This makes sense. If you lent out a physical book, you couldn't read it during that time, right? Also, if you were able to loan out Kindle books to as many people as possible, then the publishers/authors, etc. would be losing money. We want to keep the authors writing and publishing all the books we love.

So, hats off to Amazon & Publishers for allowing this lending feature!