Tuesday, December 21, 2010

About me and my blog...

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I was born and raised in Texas. After exploring life in several other states such as Colorado, Georgia and Tennessee, I'm so happy to be back home to stay in Texas!

I started posting book reviews back in 2005 while teaching 8th grade English. My students needed an online version of my recommendations. It also helped me remember some of the books I had read. Now I'm a high school librarian, still blogging about books. My focus is young adult literature. I hope that you discover a great book here!

Additionally, I began a library blog a few years later. That blog has evolved over the years, but I still look at new technology from an educator's point of view. Hopefully, the technology and/or library tips I post will help not only educators and librarians, but other people too!

I hope you enjoy and give me feedback!

My email is pamelalibrarian at gmail.com or find me on Twitter.